Mount Panorama – Bathurst


Most red blooded Aussies would know about the Bathurst 1000. It’s the pinnacle motor racing event run every year across the top of a mountain in central New South Wales, Australia. Where thousands of bogans (Aussie rednecks for you international readers) descend upon the Mount Panorama to watch V8 Supercars muscle their way around the treacherous 6.2 kilometre track. But what a lot of people don’t know, is that for other 360 days of the year the track is actually a public road.

Built back in the 1930s as a tourist attraction, the road was the idea of then mayor, Martin Griffin. However, he had much bigger plans for the road once it was built. The story goes that the mayor had always intended it to be a race track, but he knew that he’d have a much better chance of receiving government funding if he sold it as a tourist drive. And it worked!

Drivers BEWARE! The roads are littered with speed cameras. So if you’re going to try and clock 300kph down Conrod Stright, it could be a very costly attempt.

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