Motorclassica 2016

Classic cars are not everyone’s thing. But when you look at all the exotic and performance cars of today, just about all them have heritage from the classics of yesteryear. And it’s for this reason that you don’t have to be a classic car enthusiast to enjoy the Motorclassica.

The Motorclassica, held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, has been increasing in popularity since it was first held in 2010. The exhibition promises something for everyone with a blend of both modern and historic classics. It was this lowly blogger’s first time to the event and I can say I’m already looking forward to next year’s show.  It was fantastic! Upon arrival on the Friday afternoon, it was immediately apparent I hadn’t given myself enough time to take in the entire exhibition. There were so many cars on display that I literally spent an hour wandering around the front before even getting inside to the main show.

Inside the Exhibition Building was an amazing collection of cars ranging from classic luxury Rollers to race winning Group A Touring cars of the 80s. Regardless of what kind of cars you’re into, your favourite was probably in the room. And the collective value of the vehicles on display was completely inconceivable (hundreds of millions of dollars probably).

One of the unexpected finds at the show for me was the art and memorabilia section, where several automotive artists had some of their work on display. Naishart was a particular favourite of mine who’s hand drawn sketches of modern classics seemed to capture the cars in brilliant simplicity. Naish does a lot of commission work and you can check out some of his stuff at

If any aspect of the weekend was a fizzer, it would have to be the auction. With the lot on show it promised to see a bit of cash change hands with several cars carrying hefty ticket prices. Some of the rare classics up for grabs included a 1977 Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino worth $170K, a 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Roadster worth $250K and an Australian 1971 Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase 111 estimated at a whopping $400K (yes for an Aussie built car!). All of these cars went unsold however with no one wanting to take a second mortgage to buy them.

The other thing I found impressive was the number of people involved in the show from outside of Melbourne. After chatting to some of the volunteers, I was surprised to find how many were from interstate. I guess that’s testament to the passion for cars that drives the show’s success.

All in all, I highly recommend you get to the Motorclassica for next year. It is a fantastic showing of the World’s motoring heritage and well worth the trip. If I could offer one tip, give yourself plenty of time to get lost.